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Anita Nosworthy is a passionate and experienced health, fitness, nutrition and rehabilitation expert that cares about helping her clients surpass obstacles and limitations and achieve their personal best in health and life.

Anita has worked with clients recovering from motor vehicle accidents, to shaping the health and fitness of her female and corporate clients, to being a fitness competitor herself.

  • Registered Kinesiologist
  • Registered Holistic Nutritional Practitioner
  • Stress Reduced Fat Loss Practitioner
  • Internationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • Muscle Activation Certificate
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Happy Clients

I met Anita about 4 years ago. She is an amazing person and trainer!

I got pregnant 3 years ago and worked out most of my pregnancy with Anita's guidance and knowledge. I was able to weight train up to 9 months pregnant! Earlier this year I got diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemo. I worked out with Anita when I could and she helped me through my workouts ensuring it was right for my energy level. I felt comfortable with her right from the beginning! She's such a blessing!



Renewed athlete

Anita turned my life around. I lost 45 lbs in 18 months and went from getting shin splints walking a mere kilometer to running 10K races without stopping or collapsing in a puddle at the end.

I shocked the hockey team with my speed and endurance (and scoring) -- I'm playing better than 20 years ago and its FUN to go fast again.

I would have to say that calling Anita to arrange that first training session is one of the most important decisions I've ever made.

Mom and surviver


Exercise was a foreign concept to me. Anita introduced me gradually to a whole new world, where the benefits are enormous. With her extensive repertoire, she has multiple techniques to help you build up strength and stamina, whatever your age and physical condition.Working with Anita allows me to push myself in ways I would not, if left to my own devices.

Busy Senior Exec


Dr. Improving Holistically

I have struggled with my weight since childhood but things really got out of control following a series of three car accidents which left me with whiplash and an extra very unwanted 30 pounds!

Anita’s vast knowledge and level of expertise allowed her to create a program that took my injuries into account and delivered the results I was looking for. Her holistic approach to exercise and nutrition has changed my outlook in ways that I know will translate into lasting results. She is a warm and genuinely caring person which has made the process that much more enjoyable!

3 - Ways Finally Hit and Maintain Your Goals!

Evolve Program

Make your successes a lifestyle.

4 days per week fitness training, nutrition coaching and coaching and 24 hour motivation, accountability and support.

Thrive Program

Assess and work 1:1 on your personal health and fitness roadblocks and goals. Get lean and decrease your stress.

Balance and restore hormones, digestion, metabolism and all day energy.

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Jump Start Program

4 - 6 week Plant Based or Eat Lean Transformation Programs designed to help you achieve fast but lasting results.

Get the foundation, rejuvenate so you have the energy to Thrive and Evolve.




Our Method!

L.I.V.E Nourished

-We do not believe in diets, we believe in nourishing our body and removing unhealthy substances so we can have energy, detoxify and metabolize like machines.

L.I.V.E Fit

We train from the inside out to be functionally fit and strong.

Our workouts not only focus on shaping the female body but on cardio, strength, agility, mobility, flexibility and power too.

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L.I.V.E Whole

We believe that we must make the whole body healthy and fit (mind, body and spirit).

We believe there are limiting beliefs we can address and replace to feel whole, filled, complete and in our full expansion.

L.I.V.E Fabulous

We celebrate ourselves from the beginning. We strut, prance, show up and speak or ourselves as the fabulous humans we are.

A few photo shoots, extra gateways and events might also happen from time to time.

Interested in Working With Me?

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 You can work with me online from everywhere in the world anytime.

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